Singing Tesla Coil

Singing Tesla Coil
I really want one.

RIP Mr. Wizard

Getting the Fear

I'm going to have nightmares tonight

Jesus X.. I think the only reason I would intentionally watch a video of a snake is to see it facing off against an infant. Ha ha, I don't know who to root for. Turns out the snake had been defanged or something. Oh well. I guess I'll pay for this sentiment with nightmares tonight. Really, I was okay until the snake turned toward the camera, but now that image is burned into my memory.

Failed Robocop Prototypes

Drinky Crow gets a job

Mike Gravel: Some of these people frighten me

To be honest, I didn't even know who the guy was until recently. But after watching his highlights from the dem debate last week and several of his speeches, I think I now have a candidate to waste my vote on in the primary next year. He has a fiery passion born of cynicism, and I love it. He's like Kucinich times ten. I can understand why the MSM prefers to paint him as a nut rather than take him seriously—it's a hell of lot easier.

Here's a weirdly edited and accelerated video of his speech at the winter DNC meeting. More videos here. Also, he'll appear on The Colbert Report tonight.

just say hell yeah



Sundown in the City timelapse video

Emo Emu

See also this video, wherein a North Dakota sheriff's deputy attempts to explain those damn kids today. Oh, the miserable pain!

Ninja Warrior

I've really been digging Ninja Warrior since bartley mentioned that it started airing on G4 recently. (It's much better than that MXC shit. In fact, there's really no comparison.) The guy in the above video was, I believe, one of the first people to actually complete the entire course. If you have 9 minutes, you should watch the whole thing. It will blow your fucking mind.

Also, this gives me just cause to link to a good ol' fashioned wtf japanese video. That's Nakayama Kinnikun, a supposedly famous TV comic. He's also pretty good at finishing stage 1 of Ninja Warrior, but nothing after that.

Autistic BSG linkdump

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