Maru leap

for those who don't know, maru is the best internet cat of all time.

Fukushima nuclear power plant explained

Star Wars

Chimp rides a Segway

Thank you, Japan.

Bug Fights!


T-1000: Oink

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Creepy Japanese stress toy? Or prototype for future indestructible swine overlord?

Getting the Fear

Ninja Warrior

I've really been digging Ninja Warrior since bartley mentioned that it started airing on G4 recently. (It's much better than that MXC shit. In fact, there's really no comparison.) The guy in the above video was, I believe, one of the first people to actually complete the entire course. If you have 9 minutes, you should watch the whole thing. It will blow your fucking mind.

Also, this gives me just cause to link to a good ol' fashioned wtf japanese video. That's Nakayama Kinnikun, a supposedly famous TV comic. He's also pretty good at finishing stage 1 of Ninja Warrior, but nothing after that.

Robot people eaters

See here and here.

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