I've been pirated!

I discovered last night that a student-authored book to which I was a contributor a few years back has been available via torrent for at least a couple of months now. Mininova lists the torrent as having been downloaded 1500+ times, which I dare say is more than the number of copies sold—the book's sales rank on Amazon is somewhere around a gazillion. I signed any possible royalty rights away to some stupid scholarship fund, but nonetheless, damn you pirates!

And, with the act being perhaps illegal and all, I absolutely did not download the book for myself just to check the quality. So, I did not learn that it was merely a mediocre scan job. Damn you pirates!


Yarrgonomic keyboard

Getting the Fear

Filesharing hurts professional pirates' bottom line

Not only is p2p a threat to national security and starving artists, it's also putting professional pirates out of business.

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