Bug Fights!


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It's criminal that their account was suspended!

Ron Paul will fix this when he is President. We need the freedom to display what I assume are videos of bugs fighting each other while japanese people with bloodlust in their eyes look on.

Its back up

Looks like they just went down because their traffic load was too high. They are back up now.

And Burd, I know you were Barry Goldwater's boy-toy for a number of years. But he never really loved you... he was just using you. Ron Paul will do the same. Don't be sucked in by those libertarian lies again: the only consequence of free capitalism is legal boy-love slavery.

And is legal boy-love slavery so bad?

I'm just in love with the fact that a guy is running against taxes and war... and isn't winning. How do you lose when you are all about peace and tax-hating? I guess it's the associations with white supremacists...