Guess pricedrop just became much less usefull

It appears amazon just ended their 30 day price drop refund policy. From an email I just got in response to a request for a $5.00 refund:

Only orders placed before September 1, 2008 are eligible for a price difference refund under the Post-Order Price Guarantee policy. As of September 1, 2008 we are no longer offering discounts if prices change on our website after you make a purchase.

The Caring Continuum

Wilco car ads

So Wilco is being used for car ads now? What the hell?


I am getting sick and motherfucking tired of spammers spoofing their From: fields to contain my school/work email address. Consequently, I get bombarded with mailer daemons' and spam filters' UNDELIVERABLE messages, many of which make it pass SpamAssassin even with my fairly stringent filtering threshold. Today one moron actually sent me, along with dozens of others whom he thought were spammers, the following message:

I don't buy ANYTHING off of the Internet. Please remove me from your mailing list.

This guy's sig contains his name, company name, phone number, and website address, wherein he tries to sell his graphic design services over the internet! I was this --> <-- close to sending him a kindly informative email that subtley implied he was an idiot, but I thought better of it. He would know who I was... I guess a better solution would be to create an anonymous hotmail account for the kindly condescending email, somehow incorporating goatse. (BTW, I'm also this --> <-- close to replacing with tubgirl a now defunct image hosted on this domain that some myspace kiddie linked to some time ago. I'm tired of seeing that "page not found" message in the admin logs.)

Thing is, I used to never get a single bit of spam at that email address until a professor of mine several years ago decided in his infinite wisdom to put a class roster, complete with students' email addresses, on his website. Goddamn it. I should go deface his wikipedia page in retribution.

Spammers, take note. As a pacifist and a coward, I don't think I could actually kill you if we ever met face to face, but I believe I could give you a lifelong limp without too much of a burden on my conscience. In this day and age, I also think a jury of my peers would have to acquit.

Who the hell is Imus and why should I care what stupid things he says?

Forget that. What I really want to know is why this story keeps showing up on various "news" sites I frequent. How is this more important than, say, "Anna Nicole Dies: Day 60"?

Emo Emu

See also this video, wherein a North Dakota sheriff's deputy attempts to explain those damn kids today. Oh, the miserable pain!

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