It's probably slightly different from the HBO show


As a child I always wanted a mohawk but the idea was vetoed by my parents. I now have one. Take that, childhood. Next I need to acquire and learn to operate a jet that can transform into a kickass robot. That's pretty much the extent of my childhood ambitions.

More Old Alex Toth Hanna-Barbera Madness

Happy 50th LEGO

The defining toy of my childhood turned 50 years old today. When I was ten, it was all about the astronauts and pirates and grand city building. Had I only known then, what I know now.

I can't believe he made a 720

I don't really keep up with what the kids these days are up to—although the guy in this video is 33—so today was the first I heard about this incident. Dude falls some 45 feet and walks away with only some internal bruising and a few fractured bones (vertebrae schmertebrae).

My puppy....

I haven't named him yet....I'll bring him home thanksgiving weekend. :)

I'm going to have nightmares tonight

Jesus X.. I think the only reason I would intentionally watch a video of a snake is to see it facing off against an infant. Ha ha, I don't know who to root for. Turns out the snake had been defanged or something. Oh well. I guess I'll pay for this sentiment with nightmares tonight. Really, I was okay until the snake turned toward the camera, but now that image is burned into my memory.

DST mixup lands 15yo boy in jail for bomb threat

A 15-year-old boy was arrested for calling in a bomb threat to his school and locked up for 12 days before some genius realized that their caller ID system had not correctly adjusted for the early daylight saving time. On his initial questioning by school officials:

Webb gave an insight into the school's impressive investigative techniques, saying that he was ushered in to see the principal, Kathy Charlton. She asked him what his phone number was, and , according to Webb, when he replied 'she started waving her hands in the air and saying “we got him, we got him.”'

'They just started flipping out, saying I made a bomb threat to the school,' he told local television station KDKA. After he protested his innocence, Webb says that the principal said: 'Well, why should we believe you? You're a criminal. Criminals lie all the time.'

Emo Emu

See also this video, wherein a North Dakota sheriff's deputy attempts to explain those damn kids today. Oh, the miserable pain!

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