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I wish I could do that Jedi mind trick...

in I could make people believe I've already answered their questions. I really love my job. Until the last week before grades go out. Because no one seems to care about it until then, and then come the parents out of the woodwork. And students asking for EXTRA work in the form of extra credit because learning the material the first time was too much for them to do.

Then teachers start looking ahead at next semester's overcrowded rosters. They complain about the big class sizes like they don't realize it's public school....that thing people say they care about, but never put any real funds or energy into................and people keep reproducing like rabbits, while the number of schools stay the same..........hummmm.

So, I'm locking myself in my room with the lights off so everyone thinks I'm not here until the bell rings again.

So when you guys get really cold this winter........

you can wear this..............

My puppy....

I haven't named him yet....I'll bring him home thanksgiving weekend. :)

Bastard's Ball

Dust off your tux fellas, ladies, dig out that old prom dress...The Greatest Spectacle in Drinking and Debauchery is coming soon!

When: Friday, Aug. 17 at 9pm
Where: Neil's Bar
1835 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112

The men of Bastard's Inc., "The Drinking elite of all of Mid-town" Present...

*Comedian Mary Jordan
*Belly dancer Jasmine Shope
*opening singer Rebecca Almond

*Best Booty Contest- Hosted by Freaky Steve ***$75 cash prize for

*Other amazing acts may include magician...etc.
*"Door prizes" (call me for details)

(Call me if interested in hotel booking, etc.)



So...Bob and I wanted to have a 4th of July party at our place this year...I'll make homemade ice cream and of course we got the, who's interested?


He is so sad.

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