Youtube Remixes

Satan is Busy in Knoxville

Recorded in Knoxville, TN. April 4, 1930

William Tell Overture on a banjolele

Think about this

Contains some fake gory dismemberments.

Chinese Army

Real time Mario soundtrack on violin

Curling is totally metal


These two, Pomplamoose, make some fun videos.

Some Photos and Videos from the Christabel and the Jons Xmas Show

Large Pics Inside

Pulp Fiction: What you see is what you hear

What a Wonderful World


It's been great to watch football for the last four or five days, but for the love of all things holy I hope ESPN puts that Kenny Chesney song out to pasture soon. I'll say whatever you want, just make it stop!

At least Hank Williams, Jr., or what's-her-name only airs before one game a week.

Morrow is the hardest place to go

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Do infants have as much fun in infancy as adults do in adultery?