That's a lot of beer

My crappy phone cam pictures don't do it justice, but a wine & liquor store here in Charleston, Total Wine & More, has the most kick-ass beer selection I've ever seen in a single place. Needless to say, I spent way more money there last night than I had intended.

Bastard's Ball

Dust off your tux fellas, ladies, dig out that old prom dress...The Greatest Spectacle in Drinking and Debauchery is coming soon!

When: Friday, Aug. 17 at 9pm
Where: Neil's Bar
1835 Madison Ave.
Memphis, TN 38112

The men of Bastard's Inc., "The Drinking elite of all of Mid-town" Present...

*Comedian Mary Jordan
*Belly dancer Jasmine Shope
*opening singer Rebecca Almond

*Best Booty Contest- Hosted by Freaky Steve ***$75 cash prize for

*Other amazing acts may include magician...etc.
*"Door prizes" (call me for details)

(Call me if interested in hotel booking, etc.)

Snake Wine


Drinky Crow gets a job

There's always something

There's always something you forget to take on a trip. For me today, it was my camera's USB cable. (Why don't all cameras come with bluetooth by now?) So, I won't be able to post daily photos from Tucson. Luckily, my 2GB mem card should be enough for the next three days. ;-)

That said...

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