If you suspect it, report it


Got cable internet installed at my new house today (an agonizing 3 hour experience). I was getting closer to 4Mb/s up earlier. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it performs with more... practical... applications. My ratios are going to get a healthy boost, I think.

As much as I want to keep playing on the internet right now, I need to go do some more packing and get ready for a long sweaty day tomorrow.

Conficker Eye Chart

The Conficker eye chart is a brilliantly simple web page that could indicate whether your Windows machine is infected with the much-ballyhooed Conficker virus, which defied everyone's predictions of total world destruction on April 1.

I know I'm just asking to be struck by lightning here—and I don't want to get all neener neener on you—but to my knowledge I have yet to ever experience any type of virus or other malware infection. God knows I've installed my fair share of shady apps with nebulous origins. Maybe I need to try out more helpful toolbar or sexy lady programs, and see how the other 99% of computer users live.

Test your phishing IQ

Can you identify all the phishing emails? Granted, this is somewhat contrived, and it can be hard to determine what's legitimate from just a screenshot with no context.

I was 100% correct, BTW. Fool me twice, not gonna fool me again.


So does anyone here use twitter?

Rules And Guidelines

Please be aware that will soon be adopting these new rules for all posts.

Internet safety card

Click to embiggen.

Baby's First Internet

Knoxville Streetview now active


Looks like the pictures are from several months ago.

Yay, Internet

You gotta love (?) sports forums:

I'm going out on a limb to say your not one of the most intelligent of people that I have ever seen and I have never heard you talk. You just seem to prove it by just typing. And that takes real work there stud.

Anyway... How 'bout them Lady Vols, huh? My boss went to Stanford, and she and a couple of others from work came over to watch the game. Good times. Of course, I had to treat them to Rocky Top at the end of the game to seal the deal.

Hey, I hear there's a football draft coming up in a few weeks, finally marking the halfway point of the off-season.

March Madness

This is the first March Madness I've really given two shits about. Yes, I think I'm actually starting to become a college basketball fan (though the NBA still has absolutely zero appeal for me). As such, I find CBS/NCAA March Madness on Demand pretty friggin' cool, as I'm sure many desk slaves will agree. We need more free-to-the-viewer sports online. Apparently NBC will broadcast much of this year's summer olympics online via Microsoft's Silverlight system.

If I had known people were watching, I would have at least put on some clothes

R. Neal at KnoxViews has named this humble site the Weirdest Local Blog You Should Be Reading But Probably Aren't. Apparently we're hit or miss, but I guess you can't have Japanese bikini rodeo pie fights all the time.

On behalf of all the local and ex-local nerds and assorted weirdos who make what it is: Uh, thank you?

Have you ever smoked DMT?

Web Drifter is a web-based show that profiles different internet weirdos. The latest episode profiles a real wizard named Oberon Zell.

I don't know but I've been told, something something something cold

It seems that everywhere I look on the tubes today, I see a link to this NY Times article about a "boot camp" for internet-addicted kids in South Korea. Is it somehow meta to continue this internet meme on internet addiction? Or ironic? Meta-ironic?

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