tired internet memes

Skunky pot cave to become stinky cheese cave

A Wisconsin-based cheese maker has offered the highest bid ($285,000) for the infamous Middle Tennessee pot cave.

Proceeds from the sale of the cave will go to the 15th Judicial District Drug Task Force, which confiscated the property after Strunk's illegal enterprise was shut down.

"We'll use the money to fund our undercover work," said Mike "Sarge" Thompson of the drug- fighting unit.


Sorry, Internet

In solidarity with the WGA, the internet's adorable animals are going on strike.

I don't know but I've been told, something something something cold

It seems that everywhere I look on the tubes today, I see a link to this NY Times article about a "boot camp" for internet-addicted kids in South Korea. Is it somehow meta to continue this internet meme on internet addiction? Or ironic? Meta-ironic?


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