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Dock Ellis and the LSD No-No

Counter Terrorism

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Hanna-Barbera PSA

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Bong! That's a pipe used to smoke marijuana

The Penis Shroom: Unveiled and Uncut!

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Game while high and you get pwnd

Anti-marijuana propaganda has now come full circle, from "smoking pot will make you a couch potato loser", to "smoking pot will make you get pwnd by other couch potato losers".

Politics, Strange Bedfellows, etc.

Holocaust survivors' party teams up with pro-marijuana offshoot

The Green Leaf Graduates, which split from the political party Aleh Yarok, best known for its advocacy of the legalization of cannabis, is making waves with its most recent announcement: a plan to incorporate the Holocaust Survivors Party.
[a spokeswoman for the Green Leaf Graduates] was forthright about the Green Leaf Graduates' intention to use support for the survivors' cause to further its own agenda of legalizing marijuana and said that the survivors had no problem with the issue.

"They say to us that at their age they don't see why [marijuana] is an issue," she continued. "They don't consider it drugs. They even have friends who have cancer or something who are ashamed to ask for a prescription. Easier access to medical marijuana is something we're fighting for."

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