She's got the munchies for a California Cheesebuger.

via Eye on Springfield, a bunch of image captures from episodes when the Simpsons was still good.

Kitten Mittens

Town Hall Protest I Can Get Behind

Tiny little terrorists?

The Thick of It is probably my favorite British show since Spaced. It's directed and written by Armando Iannucci (see also Time Trumpet) and there's also apparently a movie out now.

The Future of British Television

From Time Trumpet, clips of which I've been watching on youtube all day

OH NOES! The Anti-Christ might use the "holograms"

I thought cnn's "holograms" (video here) were dumb, cheesy, and pointless, but I didn't realize how sinister they were. (AC = Anti-Christ)

Think of the AC using this technology to to project his image GLOBALLY, for all those to bow down to.

He could realistically be everywhere at once. would one bring it to life (outside of just speaking)?

My son sent me this about a week or so ago. He says his office also has Cisco Telepersentation but not to this extent.
Cisco can do this now, and I bet CNN latched onto their technology. Yes, soon the AC's image really can be broadcast around the world. I am awestruck to still be here to have a glimpse of this technology and now understand how it will be after we're raptured.

From the same thread:

Well the frightening thing is that AC will have this technology at his disposal to perform false miracles, such as projecting his image into the sky so that people think he's floating, or making himself appear to walk on water. Granted this technology requires a lot of equipment to record and project the image, so he can't do it just anywhere. But think about this, all he has to do is project his image into the sky (or onto the water) in one location before an adoring crowd, then simply televise that to the rest of the world. What a perfect way to trick the unbelievers into thinking he's the Messiah. People will believe anything in those times, he'll have little difficulty deceiving most of them.

emphasis mine.

They've also done experiments where they projected images of Jesus, Buddha, and other religious figures in the sky using the same technology. (By "they" I mean the government, not CNN).

to their credit, at least some of the posters there realize it's a video effect.

see also

Japanese "We Are The World"

My personal favorite is Japanese Stevie Wonder

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