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I now own this:

It's an original Dan Lacey painting. I've bid on his auctions a few times after seeing some of his work on poe-news.com. He's gone from painting Oolong-inspired pancake on head paintings of celebrities and other things to becoming internet-famous for his nude obama paintings. And now I own one.

I'm Gonna go right out and get me some Obama Fingers

Mmmmm, nothing like tasty Obama Fingers

Unrequited Obamalove

One week in, President Obama has broken a campaign promise for the first time. (From the St. Petersburg Times Obameter.)


RE: Colin Powell endorsing Obama

Colin "look, I'm holding a vial of anthrax" Powell endorsed Obama today and in that interview also said the following quote (which doesn't appear to be getting much news coverage )

A moment for the history books


I must say I was impressed with Obama's speech on race and racism—not just by the message itself, but rather that it was spoken by a serious presidential contender. As has been said by others, this may be a landmark speech. Of course, who better to use the issue of race relations to his advantage than a multiracial candidate?

I remember last year when critics wondered if he wasn't black enough. Then he became the "black candidate", thus not white enough. Now I think he can successfully be both.

By the way, it's been just over a year since we witnessed this from Clinton. (apologies for the FNC context)

fortsanders.net 2008 endorsement

Since the 3 possible Republican candidates are all running on platforms made up of slightly varied amounts of limiting civil liberties, war, torture, and pigfuckery they're all out of consideration for this endorsement. The one Republican I agree with on several issues is likely a racist nutbag and so he's out also.

On the Democrat side of things, the candidate I most agree with (according to several online tests) has already dropped out and was not going to get many votes anyway. So that leaves Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and between the two I definitely choose Obama.
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Obama SC Watch Party, Green Hills Grill - Saturday 7pm - until

I know it's short notice, but our Obama group (The Knoxville Obama Movement) is hosting a SC Watch Party at Green Hills Grille in Western Plaza at 7pm, Saturday January 26. We've reserved the upstairs ballroom, and we'll have Obama signs, stickers, ect. It's basically just a low key watch party to get with other Obama supporters, and some undecided voters. Access to the Green Hills Grille menu and drinks. We'll be there until the returns from SC are posted and the speeches are given.

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