2008 endorsement

Since the 3 possible Republican candidates are all running on platforms made up of slightly varied amounts of limiting civil liberties, war, torture, and pigfuckery they're all out of consideration for this endorsement. The one Republican I agree with on several issues is likely a racist nutbag and so he's out also.

On the Democrat side of things, the candidate I most agree with (according to several online tests) has already dropped out and was not going to get many votes anyway. So that leaves Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama and between the two I definitely choose Obama.
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Clinton Negatives:
My first thought on this is that political dynasties are undemocratic. I'd be in favor of there being a constitutional amendment banning the immediate family members of any federally elected official from being eligible to run for any federally elected office, but that's never going to happen. Also few things piss me off more than a politician who complains about video games. A great deal of Clinton's support seems to stem from nostalgia for Bill Clinton's presidency. While things were definitely better then than these years under Bush, that's not saying much. Things were arguably better under Nixon than the last few years and Bill Clinton certainly did several things I don't agree with. Hillary Clinton will also get out the Republican vote like no other Republican or Democrat candidate.
Clinton Positive:
Probably preferable to the Republican candidate.

Obama Positives:
This post by the nerdy webcomic dude behind xkcd lists a few things I agree with Obama on. This endorsement echoes other nerd endorsements. Honestly what first swayed me to Obama was this:

Sen. Barack Obama has previously said that HBO’s "The Wire" is his favorite show. But now Obama's revealed another tidbit. In a story from Monday's Las Vegas Sun, the presidential candidate said that the bold thief Omar is his favorite character on "The Wire."

Any candidate who knows about Omar gets my vote.

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a few caveats about my endorsement (bullet list mode)

  • anyone running for president is probably some kind of son of a bitch or another
  • the system is broken as hell and no one can change it
  • the rich run the process and the poor will get fucked
  • we're doomed
  • government is at best a necessary evil
  • I probably won't even vote. (if I can't do it online...)

On the subject of Ron Paul (and I'm not going to vote for him)

I think he is a victim of the company he keeps. For decades his views were so outside of the mainstream that it forced him to associate with other political outcasts. That is why he has been on Alex Jones' radioshow and why, I believe, those quotes ended up in his newsletter. While he has a philosophical belief that government is something to be minimized based a really deep knowledge of austrian economics, the other people who shared his views on Government wanted less government because they thought the Government was run by the Illuminati or wanted less government so they could have a purely racist state. Granted it is his fault for overlooking these obvious gross issues, but I think it is very different from him being a racist.