Obama Sunsphere Unicorn

I now own this:

It's an original Dan Lacey painting. I've bid on his auctions a few times after seeing some of his work on poe-news.com. He's gone from painting Oolong-inspired pancake on head paintings of celebrities and other things to becoming internet-famous for his nude obama paintings. And now I own one.


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Very Nice!

This needs to be in your living room. Ideally it should be the first thing people see when they walk in the door.

That. Is. Awesome. I agree

That. Is. Awesome.

I agree that you should hang it prominently in your house. I can't get any sense of scale looking at the photo; what are its dimensions?

It's pretty small

only 8"x10". I'll try to take some larger pictures of it and post them later.


That's hilarious. Is the penis/horn the sunsphere?

More on Dan Lacey

Dan Lacey

Hi Bartley,

I recently bought a Dan Lacey painting, too. So, there are two of them in Knoxville! Mine is Obama and Penelope the unicorn riding in a monster truck that is running over pirates in the ocean.

We have been having a discussion about Dan Lacey on KnoxBlab if you are interested! You can see my painting in post #24.

The URL is http://funhouserock.com/funhouse/blab/showthread.php?t=19433 (and your painting is featured in the first post!)

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