Know Your Mushrooms

I'm probably late to the party, as this Ron Mann film has been screening for 6 months, but it looks like fun. I can't find any info on dates for a wider theater or DVD release...

The Penis Shroom: Unveiled and Uncut!

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What I cooked tonight

I made a thai style coconut milk red curry with matsutake, shiitake, and wood ear mushroomsand enough scotch bonnet peppers that my lips are still burning half an hour after eating. Recipe follows:


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Fungus Cannon

Slime Molds, Stinkhorns, and others

Show @ Everything Mushrooms - Aug 11

Big party, 70 gallons of beer, great music and belly dancers, $15 at the door. Raising funds to help improve the downstairs space for art shows, music, and classes. Since we really won't be making money off a lot of that type activity we're hoping we can foot most of the bill by getting you all really drunk and throwing down with some good performances.

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"I love to eat them Smurfies
Smurfies what I love to eat
Bite they ugly heads off,
Nibble on they bluish feet."