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Free Beer

NHBA (North Hills Brewing Alliance) will be brewing Free Beer tonight at the Art Gallery of Knoxville (across from Regas on Gay St). We will mash in around 6pm and should be brewing until 10ish. Stop by, it's cool stuff.

JAM suggestions?

A few folks have been belly-aching about Brewer's Jam. TVHA (homebrew club) is a big part of the logistics behind the event, but we don't really do much regarding the planning and overall organization of the JAM. We do, however, have a good avenue for channeling suggestions to improve it. What sort of things would you folks like to pass along to the organizers? Seriously, give me some general or specific complaints and suggestions, we have the ear of Community Shares and they should know what needs to be done to improve and keep the event viable, not to mention make it more enjoyable in the future.

Makes you fat and turns your shit black... and prevents heart attacks!

Research has shown that 24oz of Guinness a day may be as effective as aspirin at preventing arterial blood clots.

On a side note, I just learned that Guinness and a lot of other beers are not technically vegetarian (and will likely kill delicate vegans). A commonly used clarifier in beer and wines is isinglass, obtained from fish swimbladders. Plus there's gelatin in a lot of wine, etc etc.

Show @ Everything Mushrooms - Aug 11

Big party, 70 gallons of beer, great music and belly dancers, $15 at the door. Raising funds to help improve the downstairs space for art shows, music, and classes. Since we really won't be making money off a lot of that type activity we're hoping we can foot most of the bill by getting you all really drunk and throwing down with some good performances.

Last chance to hear vet school rants

Well, Abby, Claire, and I seem to have made it through vet school. Our hooding ceremony is tonight at 8pm, and after that it will officially be official. We are going to be drinking beer tommorow (Thursday) night in celebration at Abby's place (I think everyone knows where that is). I know most folks will be heading down to Sundown in the City to see Seth play, but stop by afterwards. It's BYOB and we will have a grill if you would like to cook something. Last chance to hear us talk/bitch endlessly about our vet school antics. Everyone is required to address us as doctors tommorow. Just kidding, that would be weird.

North Hills Brewing Alliance - Spring Brew-Out and fundraiser Sun 4/29

The beer is good, and I hear the brewers are pretty cool guys...

Sunday 4/29, starting around Noon we're going to have a Brew-Out and fundraiser. We're trying to raise a few bones to cover some nifty new brew equipment. It'll make the beer taste better... I promise!

We'll have standard grilling-out fair (veggie and meat), but if you want to bring a side dish, dessert, ect... we'd be much obliged.

We're asking for a donation from all who attend.. $5-10. I'm pretty sure most you folks have consumed at least $5-10 worth of tasty NHBA brew over the last few years... now is your chance to help out! We may have a raffle to give away six packs of brew, maybe a barley wine or two :)

Party is at NHBA headquarters on Gaston Ave, if you need directions... send me a message or email. I'm not posting directions online to prevent creepy stalker types from show up!

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