Cure Sleepiness Right Away

Knoxville Streetview now active


Looks like the pictures are from several months ago.

The Prius can really scoot

Apparently you don't have to be young and stupid to push a Prius over 100mph. Turns out even a graying wacky nerd can do it:

"I pleaded guilty, with an explanation," Wozniak said in one of several e-mails exchanged the past few days. "I said that I was really scientific, and in the last year had been in Athens, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich (twice), Zurich, Canada (three times), Columbia, Singapore, Japan, London, etc., and had gotten used to kilometer speeds."

The judge smiled. But he didn't buy it. The fine was about $700.

(If the mercurynews link leads to a registration page, try the link once or twice more and the story should show up... weird.)

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