Bad plus good

The first teaser trailer for the new Star Trek movie!

It isn't long, but at least we know the movie is real now. And in case you haven't seen it clearly, the first shot of the USS Enterprise from the movie is attached. I don't want to resize it because it is really awesome when it's huge.

Prisoner Christmas

Everyday Normal Guy

I can't believe he made a 720

I don't really keep up with what the kids these days are up to—although the guy in this video is 33—so today was the first I heard about this incident. Dude falls some 45 feet and walks away with only some internal bruising and a few fractured bones (vertebrae schmertebrae).

Sorry, Internet

In solidarity with the WGA, the internet's adorable animals are going on strike.

So I got an invite to Hulu and it's actually really cool

Let's see if I can post an episode of 30 Rock... LEGALLY. :O

30 seconds Senate session

The provision for recess appointments is a horribly outdated relic from a time when the Senate would be out of session for months at a time with no way to reconvene quickly when, say, a critical post was suddenly left vacant. Now it's useful mostly as a cynical procedural ploy, seen here being countered with another cynical procedural ploy. Fighting fire with fire, I guess... Or maybe a shit hurling monkey metaphor would be more appropriate.

Since it's apparently video week here

How to use a bleep censor to make something dirty


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