Just your average football play

Steve Jobs Introduces the Macintosh and forms the rebel alliance

It's fun to see this famous ad in the context of the IBM/Apple battle. It's also funny to consider the profitability Apple enjoys despite the erosion of their market share from then until now.

What marijuana leaves in your lungs

CAUTION: Loud sound.

This is a farewell kiss, you dog

The reporter obviously received an instant beat down and surely has more to come, but I bet he's also an instant national hero in Iraq. He's a minor hero for me, anyway.

I saw the footage of this earlier at the local sports bar, and people there cheered louder at this than any other single football moment.

Microwave Eggnog!

I love eggnog. The creamy, custardy goodness has be flying at half-mast the entire holiday season. Its particularly good when its home-made, if you ask me, but its a little bit of a hassle. That is, of course, until I perfected this simple method!

Fucking Computers

So I've just got windows reinstalled on my machine after getting infected with some sort of nasty spy/malware/virus. I'm not sure where it came from or what the vector was*, but I'm usually pretty safe**, and I haven't installed any shady programs in some time. What really pisses me off is it spread to my tablet notebook, which has no optical drives and is really annoying to install on OS on. This comes about a week after similar shit on one of the office computers led me to have to reinstall it. In both cases, a full reformat and reinstall were the only way to be sure I got rid of it (the old take off and nuke it from orbit approach). There's nothing like having to delete a Windows install to make one realize how fucking infuriating the centralized registry is in Windows. I have all my programs intact as they were on a separate drive, but they all think they are not installed because they check for now nonexistent registry keys instead of just reading an ini file. I fucking hate computers.

video gaming thoughts

I keep playing video games that shortly after starting I start reading webpages on my laptop and/or watching tv while I'm playing. Games that often feel more like working an unpaid job than fun, enjoyable entertainment. I've lately been getting very annoyed at pc gaming, and I might break down and get a console. I haven't owned one since I bought matthew's dreamcast. Do games just suck nowadays?

Fire Truck

The most California picture

The Future of British Television

From Time Trumpet, clips of which I've been watching on youtube all day

Tattoos are

Lots of Bad Tattoos

Lots more here (some NSFW)

Test your phishing IQ

Can you identify all the phishing emails? Granted, this is somewhat contrived, and it can be hard to determine what's legitimate from just a screenshot with no context.

I was 100% correct, BTW. Fool me twice, not gonna fool me again.

Mulled Beer


Has anyone ever had mulled beer? Here's another recipe, which doesn't use eggs.

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