Ed's Furry Fucking Guide To Metal

Not a guide to fucking furries, mind you.

Kings of Power 4 Billion %

The creator of Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 has a new movie out and it's free to download.

Gummi Art

It's probably slightly different from the HBO show

Mug o' Mercury

Mick Jagger's Birthday

Mick Jagger turned 65 today. And he is still the best front man in Rock and Roll.

History Repeats

Best Resort Ever

From the "Mariner" Hotel on the Polish Baltic Coast

Baby's First Internet

This is all for today

I swear.


Once again, more favorites from the wonderful riotclitshave photoblog.

Sphinx and Pyramid

As seen from a Pizza Hut in Cairo.

From behind.

Round these parts

I subscribe to the 'charleston' RSS feed from flickr (as well as 'knoxville' of course), and the above photo is definitely one of the best I've stumbled across.

The photo below was on the wonderful riotclitshave photoblog recently. That's the Angel Oak tree here in Charleston on Johns Island. It's possibly the oldest living thing in the country east of the Rockies. I went once to see the monster and take some pics of my own, but unfortunately the park gate had closed just a few minutes earlier.

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