Blue is Green

The blue and green spirals are actually the same color.


Street Composite Images

A series of pictures made by photographing the same spot several times, then digitally erasing or adding people from other pictures to create composites based on themes. By Peter Funch

RIP Candidate Sanford

Seriously, how stupid does a high profile politician with presidential aspirations have to be to disappear for a week in Argentina with his mistress? Perhaps he had already given up those hopes.

I give a hearty guffaw to those who defended Sanford prior to today with sentiments like, "Can't a man take a vacation without being picked apart by the liberal media?" HA! I'm looking forward to Stewart and Colbert's followups on last night's coverage of the missing governor.

It's been a bad week for the GOP. I'm sure God's prayer inbox will be overflowing tonight.


Chances are you do a bit of reading via your web browser. If so you might appreciate Readability, a neat little javascript thingy for beautifying long text. It seems to work pretty well on news sites and the like, but it doesn't display Next Page links. Combine single-page print views with Readability, and it's the shit.

Abandoned Places

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Alien Caterpillars

Hanna-Barbera PSA

forty in the fort

I found this in a back issue of MetroPulse ...


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