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Happpiness is...

Tigh or McCain

Slime Molds, Stinkhorns, and others

Black Sheep

Soon to be added to my Netflix cue.


Cat's in the bag


Fans of Deadliest Catch or Dirty Jobs may enjoy this video of Mike Rowe doing what must be one of the most awkward TV host jobs—selling pointless crap on QVC, such as an item that can give your cat a singular cat thrill.

Asian MC Hammer and his knitting mother

Warren Ellis may believe that is it never Hammer Time but this asian fellow proves he is very very wrong.

That guy looks familiar

This is a sign from my trip to Yosemite a few months back. Click for larger.

eats shoots and leaves

water + bug

Stars Wars Gangsta Rap

Someone has a patent on this?

I came across this today at work while searching for a way to spray paint 2mm dots. Yup. Anyway, this should be in a book of bad ideas.
Other than the back window of your pick up, I guess you could put it in the shower, just... in case.

The Fall

The Fall is the new movie from Tarsem Singh the Director of The Cell. While the Cell was lacking in the story department, this movie looks like they matched up the hyper-real look of his art direction with a really fun tale.

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