Liberal California congressman doesn't believe in God

California Rep. Pete Stark has recently been identified as the highest ranking elected official to come out of the atheist closet. Somehow, it doesn't seem to have hurt his popularity in his district.

Filesharing hurts professional pirates' bottom line

Not only is p2p a threat to national security and starving artists, it's also putting professional pirates out of business. back from the braindead

After a few months of the site database slowly losing its mind, the time has come for a do-over. I blame the Russian hackers.

All accounts on the old site have been zapped, so you'll have to reregister. The old site's posts are also gone for now, and possibly for good. Depends on how difficult it is to resurrect them. Such is the ephemeral nature of a blog, I guess.

You can, however, find a lot of weird out-of-context images here — not that context would make some of them any less weird.

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