I'm Gonna go right out and get me some Obama Fingers

Mmmmm, nothing like tasty Obama Fingers

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, etc.


And Phish is back

So last night Phish played their first concert since the trainwreck that was Coventry. It was actually a tight show with a great setlist. The night opened with Fluffhead:

Fulfilling the wishes of this persistent gentleman:


Game while high and you get pwnd

Anti-marijuana propaganda has now come full circle, from "smoking pot will make you a couch potato loser", to "smoking pot will make you get pwnd by other couch potato losers".

Watchmen Cartoon

Big Lebowski Action Figures


frog jesus

What did you eat tonight?

Tonight I am drinking beer and tequila and making black bean and soy chicken fajitas.

Soy Chicken

Hydrogen Bomb Underground Test Detonation

Ken sent me

Leisure Suit Larry online. It's buggy, but awesome!

For a few minutes, at least...

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than the both put together."