TV Recommendations

I don't watch much television, but here are several shows I've been watching that I've greatly enjoyed. What's most surprising is that almost all of them (even the ones on Fox) weren't canceled.

  • Fringe - At first I dismissed it as a bad X-Files clone, but it's consistently gotten better. This last season (the 3rd) it became my favorite scifi show from the past few years.
  • Game of Thrones - HBO's huge fantasy show based on the George R R Martin books. I read the books just a few weeks before the show started and I approve of most of the changes they've made from the books so far. I'm not sure if the show would be too hard to follow if you've never read the books though as it's lots of characters and pretty dense dialog at times.
  • Justified - Sheriff Bullock from Deadwood as a US Marshall in East Kentucky, based on Elmore Leonard characters. The show does a great job of following the Elmore Leonard formula of great dialog and people getting shot often.
  • The Chicago Code - Police show by the guy who made The Shield (Shawn Ryan). It's already been canceled and I'm not sure how much I liked it really. I mostly watched it based on how much I enjoyed his last show, the similarly quickly canceled Terriers, which was probably the best detective show I had seen since Veronica Mars.
  • Archer - Hilarious and profane cartoon spy show. Lead character voiced by the guy who was Coach Mcguirk (H Jon Benjamin) with several actors from Arrested Development. It's created by Adam Reed who was one of the creators of Sealab 2021, and is pretty similar to his previous show Frisky Dingo. Almost certainly my favorite show from last season.
  • Community - Best sitcom I've seen in years. I'm constantly amazed it's on broadcast TV, as it's so different from the standard formula. The Halloween and conspiracy theory episodes from this season were some of the best tv I've ever watched.
  • Adventure Time - the strangest and craziest supposedly for kids cartoon I've ever seen. Completely mad and brilliant.
  • 30 Rock - I still watch it and it's still quite good, but I feel like it's gone downhill a bit from previous seasons.
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