Just eat more kangaroo

Australian scientists might try a kangaroo intestinal bacteria transplant for cows in order to give them the 'roo's magical methane-free farts and thus aid the War on Global Warming.

But as someone quoted in the article says, perhaps they should just eat more kangaroo meat. Because, you know, kangaroos actually belong in Australia and can survive much more easily than the imported, antibiotic-loaded crap factories.

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It also happens to be really good. I saw kangaroo on the menu at a local restaurant a few years back. I asked the guy about it and he said it was like a cross between rabbit and beef. Which sort of made intellectual sense, and turned out to be true. Its a little more rich than beef without being overly gamy. It was quite nice, and if I could find it in the US I would eat a lot more of it.